I've been looking for a beauty salon like this for ages - one that does proper deep tissue massages! My treatment with Laura was excellent - would highly recommend!

Men’s Treatments

Massage Treatments for Men

Swedish Massage for men This   full body massages involves a variety of techniques that warm up and work the muscle tissue, releasing tensions and breaking up knots. The result promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and increases circulation. Back Massage - 30 Minutes £30.00 Full Body Massage - 60 minutes £47.00 Full Body Massage - 75 minutes £55.00 Back Massage - 60 Minutes £60.00 full body Massage 90 minutes £75.00 Deep Tissue Massage An intense massage Read More

Microdermabrasion  Facial for Men

Microdermabrasion treatment exfoliates and resurfaces the skin and is the most popular skincare treatment in the UK for skin rejuvenation of all ages. Suitable for all skin types, Microdermabrasion work on improving skin texture for a healthier complexion without the use of chemicals or Lasers. By removing your skins outermost layers of dead cells stimulates collagen production and promotes the growth of healthy new cells as well as clearing the way for nutrients and minerals in our Read More

Facial for Men

A totally energizing facial uses the powerful combination of vitamin A, C to improve the appearance of blemish-prone, distressed skin helping to unclog pores and remove surface impurities to boost and detoxify a man’s skin. This treatment combines relaxation and efficiency for more resilient skin and a flawless complexion. £53 (60